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Get support on your portable, gas-powered water heater

  • How do I connect my Hot Nozzle unit to my water source?
    Our Hot Nozzle units come with standard fittings to your tap/pipe water sources. Simply screw on your Hot Nozzle unit to your water inlet pipe. Ensure there are no water leaks by opening your tap and checking for any water between the connections. If this is present, simply tighten your connection and you will be good to go. If you are looking to connect it to a hose pipe/ external water pump or any other water source, you will have to connect the right adapter fittings to ensure a water tight connection. Contact our support centre to get help on adapter specifications
  • How do I connect my gas canister/catridge to my Hot Nozzle unit?
    Follow the following steps to ensure a tight connection between gas canister and unit. Twist the base of the unit clockwise until it is 90 degrees off initial position. Pull off the base Insert your gas canister, twist it clockwise until you hear a click sound Twist back base of your Hot Nozzle unit
  • How long does a single gas canister last?
    This depends on the model of Hot Nozzle unit you are using. Refer to the product specs to get this information.
  • How do I start up my Hot Nozzle unit?
    Once you have ensured a safe and secure gas canister connection (click test), follow the following steps: 1. Open your tap 2. Use the orange knob to regulate the heat to your required temperature. Note that very low heat = 1 turn, low heat = 2 turns, medium heat = 3 turns, high heat = 4 turns and very high heat = 5 turns. 3. Once you have your required heat, turn the white clicker anti-clockwise to ignite the unit. You will then hear an ignition sound. Note that ignition will take place with one click in areas that are well ventilated and dry, and up to 5 clicks in areas that are humid and not so well ventilated.
  • How long should I run my shower?
    Our recommended shower time is 5 minutes. We advise not to run the unit continuoulsy longer than 12 minutes
  • How do I regulate the water temperature of my shower?
    You can regulate your water output temperature by either regulating the heat using the organge knob or by regulating the water pressure and flow rate using your tap. The advised settings are medium heat at normal water pressure. Note that very low heat = 1 turn, low heat = 2 turns, medium heat = 3 turns, high heat = 4 turns and very high heat = 5 turns.


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